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I usually have to download things to read later, but today have a bit of time for little ficcish things, and there are some! Right here!

These are *lovely*. I love the through line of Merlin's care and concern for Arthur and Arthur being, at the heart of it all, a real mensch. Which makes Merlin's exasperated, fond devotion no surprise at all.

"Sorry," he manages, staring at the ground. "That could have gone better, I think."

Arthur cranes his head to stare at him, color returning to his face. "You think?"


And I love the poignancy in the way each if the the magical creatures was saved. Well, they're all poignant except for the Centaurs. Heh. Poor Merlin.

Thank you!

(Seriously, he never asks about the centaurs. The sheer anatomical issues make him want to cry.)

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