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"Of all--are you going to stand there like an idiot or help me clean up?"

Oh, OH. I do love that one so very much. I always have this big bag of love lying around in case someone writes about characters with fear of heights, and this is why. BECAUSE REALLY, why wouldn't Arthur be afraid of heights? They're freaking. Just. No. Scary. Throwing up is, in my opinion, a very apt and appropriate reaction and now I really wish my own catatonic heights!stories ended with having a hot manservant wash me at command D:


The first actually *could* be a long fic eventually. Maybe

Is this where we start breaking out the perpetual capslock and tell you to do eeet? BECAUSE IF YES, THEN I AM GAME. FOR THE CAPSLOCK. ♥♥

I KNOW. I? Fear heights like whoa. I mean in theory, someone flying me around? Fantastic. When I think about it hard? Oh God no, no, no, please.


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