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Okay, given that about two hours ago I was talking to zeitheist about how Arthur is probably a sekrit genius who can read in ten languages, the third part to the first prompt response is seriously weirding me out. But all of these are, as always, so excellent. I can't help but wish we could get full-length fics out of all some of these prompt responses.

Er. The first actually *could* be a long fic eventually. Maybe. And considering, he has to be fairly well-educated. Giles!Uther does not strike me as someone who leaves anything to chance, and in Britain, being multilingual would be required for Arthur's class.

Merlin stares at him. "You are, actually, and not just in my vivid and *highly improbable imagination*, smarter than you look."

Arthur closes his eyes. He will never live this down.

This is going into my personal drawer of canonical facts about Arthur. ♥

Mine, too. I love the "highly improbable imagination." Heee.

As I am feeling poorly, I wave my eyebrows at you with enthusiasm and love. ::does so::

I know the feeling. *hugs you*

I can't decide if the fact that Arthur now reads ten languages means that he's a genius, or that he is quite bright, if not quite a genius, but also (as we knew) incredibly dedicated and single-minded when he chooses to be. This idea pleases me. (Also, it makes me laugh and think of how Bradley James doesn't speak French and sings a little song about it in the video diaries. He is such a dork, I love it.)

Technically speaking, being multilingual was common at least in the early and later medieval period for royalty (thinking of Jane Grey and her like, twelve languages or something and wincing) so it works for me. Especially in post-Rome Britain where the language would very so much.

And yes, Arthur was terrifyingly single-minded. God, is he.

"Of all--are you going to stand there like an idiot or help me clean up?"

Oh, OH. I do love that one so very much. I always have this big bag of love lying around in case someone writes about characters with fear of heights, and this is why. BECAUSE REALLY, why wouldn't Arthur be afraid of heights? They're freaking. Just. No. Scary. Throwing up is, in my opinion, a very apt and appropriate reaction and now I really wish my own catatonic heights!stories ended with having a hot manservant wash me at command D:


The first actually *could* be a long fic eventually. Maybe

Is this where we start breaking out the perpetual capslock and tell you to do eeet? BECAUSE IF YES, THEN I AM GAME. FOR THE CAPSLOCK. ♥♥

I KNOW. I? Fear heights like whoa. I mean in theory, someone flying me around? Fantastic. When I think about it hard? Oh God no, no, no, please.


Number 3, with the languages? OWNS MY SOUL.

God, I know. I get all goofy just thinking of him translating Greek.

You're killing me with these and it's late here and I've got to go to bed. The first three are all my personal canon from now on. And yes, he would need to read (and speak) several languages.

*nodnodnod* Yes, this. Arthur and languages FTW!

(Deleted comment)
Thank you!

(Seriously, he never asks about the centaurs. The sheer anatomical issues make him want to cry.)

Oh! These are. Yes, yes. Arthur! Merlin! (I think I love the dragon one best, but they are all a bit heartbreaking and so lovely)

*glee* Thank you! I'm glad they're what you wanted!


Man, I love the Elf one! Oh, Merlin.

Ooh the magical creatures set was fantastic. I can vividly picture the look on Arthur's face in the 'Bacchus' one. And the dryad one almost made me cry (so did the elf one). And the centaur thing made me LOL for a long time. Merlin does not want to know ahahaha.

But I think Arthur-the-cunning-linguist has broken my brain. Too. Hot.

Thank you!

(Seriously, a prince would be trained in more than one language. At minimum, he'd learn Latin since Rome had been occupying them so recently.)

"Good try. You're doing the laundry by hand while I watch,"

I can totally see this. Eee! So much love!

Also, I find Arthur secretly being super!intelligent really kind of hot... hmm *gets thoughtful*

Thanks for these :)

No magic for vomit! It's appropriate. *g*

Thank you!

(Deleted comment)
*mournful* It would break mine, too. My mind keeps veering away. Much like Merlin's does, I think.

The Bacchus one! Poor Merlin! *pets*

I can see Arthur-the-secret-genius snippet as part of a larger fic so really seems like you had fun with it :D

*g* I did. I'm still looking at the fic to decide if it's postable. That bit though made me laugh when I wrote it, because Arthur will never, ever live this down.

OMG. *g* The Bacchus one? Bwah. The dryad one was sad. And the centaurs? Poor, poor Merlin.

Arthur is so much more educated than he lets on. Merlin doesn't really get to see many negotiations yet, but canon should give us more of that, or we should just write some of it. Because, you're absolutely right, Arthur knows more than several languages, and he would totally teach Merlin some stuff too.

Yes, this. *purrs at Arthur*

I can totally see Arthur speaking different languages but everyone being really surprised about it.

"You are, actually, and not just in my vivid and *highly improbable imagination*, smarter than you look."
This made me laugh so much. 8D

Poor Merlin. NEW WORLD ORDER, yo. Plus, the mocking. Oh the mocking. And Arthur terrified his knights will find out.

Merlin found him the next morning in the grove near the castle half-dressed and strategically bruised, the outline of teeth in his neck and his stomach, mouth stained with wine and surrounded with flowers, blue eyes glassy and content, the picture of debauched satiation. Merlin washed away the touch of other hands and other mouths, didn't look at the mark of fingernails on his inner thighs and back, the mark of a hoof on his hip, and pretended not to wonder if Arthur could ever be content with a human when he'd lain with a god.

O.O ...meep.

Partying with Bacchus must be an experience.

Actually, this is a story I'd love to write, mostly because talk about blowing your mind....

The first was so funny, but the five creatures was awesome and heartbreaking and I'm gonna picture Merlin and Arthur adopting magical creatures a la Branjelina, now.

Thank you!


Arthur's not only smarter than he looks, but a little bit on the paranoid side. *G* Lovely.

Re: well-read arthur

Well, with Uther as his father...

*dubious* I have to admit, I'd be like reading every law *ever* just to be safe.

Loved the second one! :) and the others were good too. :)

Dear seperis,

Your new obsession with Merlin is All That. But you have forgotten to write the mandatory Supernatural epic fic before the season completely closes. Please address this lack. (or explain your lack of fascination with Sam/Dean).

Sincerely yours,
Aubergine did you know about the like, forty thousand word Dean/Castiel fic I wrote?

Reading fic made me cackle. As did Bacchus. And the Elf scene is just gorgeous.

Thank you!

(Seriously, getting laid by Bacchus...)

Fantastic. The descriptions are so vivid, particularly in the beasties section. Wonderful stuff.

Hope you don't mind, I'm friending you (so much nicer than stalking). No need to friend back, sort of a place holder journal.

No, not at all! *Glee* Thank you!

You know I was cracking up over most of these, because I adore the way you write but
not all the law is written in English
English? Not Latin??

Well, problematically speaking, the non-nobility would still speak the venacular, and the show confuses me on this, so I just gave up and went with All English, All the Time, with bilinguality in Latin.

ASNGhgsbg. Those are all so short, so sharp, so perfect.


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