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I love Arthur so much in this show, the way I'm not sure I ever did before. The show's done what countless stories couldn't; they made him a human king who became extraordinary.


the Merlin #5


I have goosebumps and chills and I'm smiling and teary-eyed and how the fuck does 158 words do this to me?

Their lives after are just marvelous you know? I believe this.

I want to read the rest of Chuck/Casey #4. Because it would be amazing.

I keep thinking on that. I wnated to write it, but I'm still mulling how it would happen.

Oh, this is fantastic--a thousand times better than I could have ever hoped for. Every single one of them made me shiver. Seriously, thank you!

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*g* I'm glad you liked it. That prompt just hit me *wonderfully*.

Ugghhh how can I be expected to concentrate on anything when you keep posting this pieces of UNDULATED AWESOME.


*laughs* I'll try. Thank you!

Oh my god, the Merlin one is so lovely! I will definitely be rereading it over and over.



Two wonderments in one. :)

Aww, loved the Chuck & Casey, which started out lighthearted and then descended into gut-wrenching. Nicely done!

This lurker is kind of sad that you seem to have switched to writing top!merlin/bottom!arthur, judging by recent posts and these last two drabble sets. :(

I know, I know, cry moar, lol, but with you and astolat, that's the two best authors in the fandom gone that way. What can I say, I kinda have a kink for Arthur as lord and master of all he surveys (IN BED), including Merlin ;)

The imagery here is absolutely breathtaking, though.

And that last one is heartbreaking, cause Arthur's the once and future king, and there's no getting away from that fated burden, even in death :( I'm just gonna tell myself that it's set after his return, after his work is finally done.

*g* I tend toward Top!Arthur in general. I just like switching it up a bit when I drabble.

And that last one is heartbreaking, cause Arthur's the once and future king, and there's no getting away from that fated burden, even in death :( I'm just gonna tell myself that it's set after his return, after his work is finally done.

He has a nice, long rest before teh second time with lots of adventures. I think they travel the world. *happy*

This is achingly beautiful...

Arthur on his knees, all pride stripped away, who offers up all that he is and will ever be for Merlin's life. Merlin thinks that before, he's never seen the king Arthur will become; now, he sees the king Arthur already is.

And this...

and Arthur jerked off his helmet, blond hair brighter than any crown could ever be

this is just a perfect image. Lovely.

You--you just made postcolonial theory about translation as cannibalism seem HAPPY AND WONDERFUL. (Tell the truth, are you secretly magic like Merlin? Or did they give you special antibiotics?)

I love all slightly homicidal cuddling so much. So much. You're amazing. Thank you ever so much!

*hee* Thank! I'm thrilled they were what you wanted!

*sigh* OH, ARTHUR and his epic destiny. The last two especially made my heart ache.

Also: Hi, thanks for the rec the other day! :)

Thank you very much!

And that story was *great*.

This is the exact ending I want for Merlin and Arthur. Fuck the legends.

Once and Future I am totally with. They will do this. And do it with style.

Best character dissection of Arthur evar.

now, he sees the king Arthur already is

This is what I love about this pairing because we too know the great King Arthur will be and it is all because of Merlin.

Oh noes - I can't choose! Was the Chuck the most amazingful, or the Merlin? I mean, a Chuck/Casey/Sarah happily ever after versus a Merlin/Arthur!

I am so very sorry that illness has brought you low, but with output like this, you're almost making us root for it to go on longer.

*laughs* Antibiotics are good for sudden bursts of euphoria.

These are all lovely, lovely.

(Though I did have a bad moment when I thought you said, "jerked off into his helmet" and I was stuck wondering WTF?

*dies* Ohmy. That would change the interpretation tremendously.

I did not know you were into Chuck. Awesome.

And, you make Arthur so compelling...

Arthur is awesome and such a prat.

Oh, Arthur. You have such an amazing grasp on his character, he feels so real.

I like the ones on the Battlefield.

Thank you very much!

I love Arthur in battle.

ILU, and I love these glimpses. Gah, oh ARTHUR.

I so want more of the Chuck/Casey 4th drabble. What lead to that? So curious.

Oh Arthur.

That's all I've got- it's just... oh Arthur :D

He didn't seem human, standing with the sun bloody orange behind him, lighting him up like a bonfire. Merlin forgot to breathe. Arthur reminded him, pulling him from his knees to kiss him and grin and say, "Today we won the war" and Merlin laughed and said, "Today you've won a world."

I know that I've mentioned this before, but I really really want your Arthur to be my king. Like, a lot.

Thank you! That's the best compliment I could get!

(I totally love him. The show's done what no book has and made me really like him, seeing how he'll grow into an extraordinary man.)

The Chuck series sketches out the bare bones, the emotional high points, of what sounds like an incredible story. Wow.


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