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Um, okay, the Merlin one has me all flaily, mostly because the absolute brilliance that is number 6 and partly because of Arthur's overwhelming adorableness in his steadfast hold to what he terms "denial."

Arthur knows his Egyptian rivers. *g*

Oh, I do love 4 and 5 of the Dr. Who one, though for completely different reasons.

Thank you very much!

(Seriously, Lex Luthor on the TARDIS? Disaster.)

Okay, so my afternoon is complete with:

* (Arthur says, "Say it again."

Merlin says, "I'm a--"

Arthur says, "Not that one."

Merlin says, "Oh.")

* It's a long story, but Arthur holding that damned magical sword to his chest and promising to find both his hearts in one stroke wasn't encouraging. Merlin laughing himself sick didn't help, either.

* (Lex suborned the TARDIS. Oh hell no.)

Can't. Stop. Giggling.

*Glee* I'm glad you enjoyed it!

(Lex and TARDIS. Just. Bad idea.)

#6 of the Merlin one had me giggling outright at my desk (and was worth the odd looks from my coworkers). Hee!

I love them all! They are amazing! ♥

oh m#4, purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

The Merlin ones were lovely, but oh god the Doctor ones were gorgeous.

Thank you! I love doing the people the Doctor's met.

I loved number 4 for the Doctor.

Because. Yes. Absolutely.

Or maybe he made her young again somehow and let her live a life of the freedom she never had among the stars. (I love Elizabeth Tudor more than I can ever say.)

I think I've broken a bone or two falling off my chair, oh my God :D

Hee! Hopefully nothing that won't heal quickly.

Oh, the Doctor's #4. What a beautiful idea. She really was brilliant, wasn't she?

Also, #4 on the Merlin one is something I would pay a million internet dollars to read. My goodness.

Oh she was. I think of how the doctor would have reacted to her. It works for me.

#4 is done in the Merlin fandom several times. Every time, I wonder about Arthur's level of denial.


Are just that awesome.

I want to put you in my pocket and take you everywhere with me.

muahahahaha. "The legends lie."

[snortgiggles a really lot]

Arthur says, "Tell me" and Merlin says, "I love you" and "I'm a sorcerer."

(Arthur says, "Say it again."

Merlin says, "I'm a--"

Arthur says, "Not that one."

Merlin says, "Oh.")

OH. \o/ *dies*

God Elizabeth of England just broke me! So beautiful!

What I like about the No 1. for Dr Who is it would work for ANY of the Doctors :-) I keep giggling to myself imagining the expression of yet another Doctor.

Oh it would. Just--you know, sometimes, translations aren't as accurate as one wishes.

Oh! Oh, so wonderful. With Merlin, the running comic denial to the end, when Arthur realized what was the important truth. *happy sigh*

And the not!Companions - I love the above idea that the Doctor whisked Elizabeth away and gave her a new start. He missed his chance with Pompadour, so he was doubly determined to catch her before the end.

I like to think that, too.

All of them for Merlin were terrific culminating in #6 which was just about perfect but if I was forced to pick a favourite it would #4 for the Doctor. That ought to be canon.

re #6: ahaha, best reveal EVER. oh, dorks. :x

Here I am valiantly trying to resist Merlin fandom, and you insist on writing hilarious, awesome fic *shakes head*

P.S. Arachnol? Simultaneously made me LOL and shudder.

*grins* Join the dark side. We have dragons and slash!

All so absolutely brilliant. I loved Merlin the 6, but the parenthetical from 4 is absolutely brilliant: "(Arthur's beginning to suspect this level of denial has officially become a lifestyle choice.)"

And as for the Doctor's, 4 was just absolutely beautiful.

(Deleted comment)
Sure! Well, how fast do you need it back? email me at seperis at gmail.

For Merlin, #3 is hilarious and #6 is absolutely lovely.

For DW, this: And really, when your most interesting feature is driving men mad with a single look, well, no made me sporfle, but is also undoubtably true.

And #4? Made me incredibly happy. Because yes.

Thank you very much!

(Seriously, traveling with Cthulhu is not what one really wants to do very often.)


Whee! LOVED the Doctor Who ones (of course) and 4 and 5 were absolutely perfect.

Arthur's new lifestyle of denial was just hilarious :D

Thank you very much!

Arthur's an expert at denial. *nods*

6.) The first time Merlin fucks him, terrified and golden-eyed and shaking, looking at Arthur like a miracle, Arthur says, "Tell me" and Merlin says, "I love you" and "I'm a sorcerer."

(Arthur says, "Say it again."

Merlin says, "I'm a--"

Arthur says, "Not that one."

Merlin says, "Oh.")

OH GOD you are making it doubly hard to resit being sucked into the Merlin fandom when you write drabbles like these. I've been fighting off a cold and find myself not in teh mood for SGA fics so what do I do? I troll my flist and read every single Merlin fic you've recced.

Its now official...I have a new obsession. *sigh* Between Merlin and Torchwood its a miracle I even get sleep.

But you find the lovliest things. *HUGS YOU*


I mean, Merlin is pretty and awesome and come to Merlin, there is a slash dragon and OMG IT IS SO WONDERFUL YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I mean, yay!


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