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five things meme - the return
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, so I have had a very crappy sick week that was shockingly less icky than it could have been with all the coddling of me everyone did here (thank you, btw. For those who have been here for years, my paranoia about this sort of thing is kind of well-known, so having distraction helped a lot). So, in thanks, this:

From cereta here:
You post a topic, list, category, whatever, in my comments section. (examples: "Five Things Bill Denbrough Remembers About His Childhood", or "Five Art Crawl Themes" or "Five Things Jessica Will Never, Ever Tell Seth"). Then, in a separate post, I'll post the answers to your Top 5 ideas, according to me. Serious or fun!

In cereta's words, fandoms that increase your odds of getting an answer:

Fandoms: Merlin, Star Trek Voyager, X-Men Movieverse, Smallville, Queer as Folk, Dr.Who (9 and 10), Stargate:Atlantis, Due South, Chuck, Supernatural, pretty much any movie or book I've mentioned, or any fic or series I wrote that you just want to see a quickie on.

I'll guarantee at least three requests will be done, but last time I thought I'd do three and did like, twelve, and only stopped because I had to sleep eventually. To see what I'm talking about, these are what I did before and what they are like. You can also do sets of three things or four things if you aren't so sure of five.

*wiggles fingers* I started antibiotics today. The placebo effect is marvelous, no? And feel free to try posting this meme yourself! Seriously, these are fun.

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Five people the 10th doctor decided not to ask to travel with him in the TARDIS.

I kind of want four times (or three) that Chuck attempted to cuddle Casey and one time he succeeded.

five ways arthur almost found out about merlin, but didn't.

if you hear a "and one way he did" at the end of that, it's not my fault.

Five things about John Sheppard that only Ronon Dex knows. (Or vice versa.)

Five Times Merlin Couldn't Take His Eyes Off Arthur.

Five times Clark told Lex the truth?

Here's a random one for you: Five planets from which Teyla has been banned. :D

Five times John was forced to lie

Um . . . something to do with the bourne/stargate thingy. I dunno. Five people Jason was impressed by? Five ways Jason's different from John? Five AUs for that whole mess? (One of which would involve Jack somehow snagging Jason before he reached the feral cat stage.) Five places that almost feel like home?

I confess, my motive in asking for (one of) these is less than pure.

In the Crimes Against Humanity 'verse:

5 Planets that are no longer there after SGA visitation and why

Five words Bryce taught Chuck to say in Klingon


Five magical creatures Arthur didn't kill

Three things (or four, or five, depending on your inspiration!) that Merlin doesn't know about Arthur, but will do, eventually.

Five strategies out of the thousands Lex came up with that he thought might convince Clark to stay after his term of office ends in the Somewhere I Have Never Traveled universe.

Five things Arthur tells himself he would never do.

Five times Sheppard did math, please!

One of my favorite Buffy eps was the one with the fear demon: actual size.

How about Supernatural: Five Times Banishing the Demon was suprizingly (or annoyingly) easy?

Five times Merlin used his magic for personal reasons.

(If you don't mind me joining in!)

Of course not!

(There will be a bit of a delay before I do another set, as there is food and for the first time in days, I am actually fairly hungry. Exciting!)

Excellent :)

(Yay! I'm glad you're finally wanting to eat :))

Five times Brian turned down sex - before he met Justin.

Five Times That Arthur Threatened Merlin's Life

And also,

Five Things That Merlin Taught Arthur

Five ways Lex persuaded Clark to stay.

Five AUs or fantasies Rodney has imagined involving John and himself.

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Five times at Stanford that Sam used a skill that Dean taught him & surprised his university friends in the process.


*waves* Hi!

Hm. Five people/things Arthur never actually killed (because Merlin got there first).

Five times Elizabeth Weir has been surprised by people under her command?

Five deaths Uther regrets...

Five times Uther was right about magic (pre or post Arthur's birth)

Five times Merlin escaped the pyre

Five times Merlin voluntarily (sort of) wore The Hat (and liked it).

Also, have you seen this yet? It's a Merlin vid and it is a very awesome thing.

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