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Oh, gods, this a wonderful, morning fare!


Hee, this is so hilarious. Of course no one would believe them (because they'd been waiting forever for that to happen).

Exactly! Who would believe it? They are only surprised it wasn't happening already.

Oh my god.

[grabs story and runs away and won't share it with ANYONE ever because it's mine mine mine and it's WONDERFUL!!]

Oh, this is lovely. I just want to cuddle it and pet it and call it George. Because awwwwwwwww! and [snicker] and poor little non-sexed-up boys with their hangovers.

[snuggles] Want more comment-fic tonday, honey? :)

*falls over* It's just all going to go tragically wrong, you know? And everyone is like "Merlin is the mistress of the prince!" and Merlin thinks that he should damn well have some benefits to go with that. And Morgana keeps giving relationship advice. It's all very tragic and funny.

And yes please! You can use this snippet if you want, or like, anything. I will need it when I come back from the doctor, trufax.

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Merlin's agreed to many terrifying things when Arthur's bathing. Many things.

I understand completely! *pictures* *repeatedly*

Purge of winesellers! Hee!

Winesellers are dark creatures. And yeah, I'd be agreeing to sell my soul if Arthur asked me while in a bathtub.

dude do not apologize, this is amaaaaazing. "Gaius asked me if I was gentle," Arthur says, staring at the wall. MY LIFE IS COMPLETE. ♥♥♥

Gaius was making sure Arthur was up and up on his sex-ed. If this were some centuries later, there would be condom discussions.

Thank you!

Okay, I love this, it's really lovely! I'm so sorry you feel icky in the extreme. Hope you are fully recovered soon

Thank you on both counts!

In case you are wondering: that was hilarious! Cracktastic in a way that would so totally happen!

First of all, hee! regarding the story - very amusing.

Secondly, you have my sympathy re: being sick. Was home on Monday and forced my way into work Tuesday and Wednesday while still feeling like crap because it's "month-end" in the banking industry which means tons of crap must be done. Seriously, I was chasing my sudophed with cough syrup just to function and still went through a box of tissues.

*offers you juice and cookies and wishes of getting better* This current crap going around thoroughly sucks.

*sniffles* Thank you. My nose hurts liek whoa right now. Gah.

That was hilarious!

*giggling hysterically*


I hope you get better soon :D

Thanks! *sniffles* I hope so too.

Thanks for starting my day out with a smile!

Merlin's agreed to many terrifying things when Arthur's bathing. Many things.)
Of course he has! *nods*

"I can't face another inquiry on my virtue, Arthur. It's not happening. It's not."
Ahahahaaa! Err. I mean, poor boys. *pats them*

*giggles* Their lives can be really hard, you know?

and thinks of horrible purges of winesellers throughout the world for their foul discovery of what happens when grapes sit too long in large casks.

Oh how I know that feeling *g*. This was delightful and so much fun. Thanks for the laughs and I hope you feel better soon.

Thank you! And me too. I am hoping by Monday? *mulls*

I am mostly sorry that you feel bad. Since that produced this piece of awesomeness, I am not 100% sorry ;)

*snickers* Thank you.

*hysterical giggling*

Ahahahah. You know the whole castle has been waited with bated breath for the next development in the Merlin-Arthur soap opera, and it's like those fans who hear false spoilers and refuse to believe that someone lied to them.

I predict that Merlin just gets so fed up with the gossip and the knowing smiles and the whispers that he decides if he has to pay for the crime, he might as well be committing it. And Arthur cannot argue with his logic. *nods*

This is a brilliant approach. *nods* Yes.

This is brilliant, and is distracting me from beating my university's registration site to death with a heavy book. *g*

Basically, YES. Arthur's sense of humor is WILDLY INAPPROPRIATE, at least in Merlin's mind, but really, it could be SO MUCH WORSE. At least when there's four feet of snow outside, he concedes that it could be rather difficult to do drills, and that Merlin can go and melt buckets of snow rather than accompany Arthur when he goes to check on the villagers. But then, when Arthur comes back, nearly frozen of course, Merlin has to deal with him. ;)

And you know, although they didn't have sex this time, THERE WAS KISSING. *smirks*

Awww, thank you! *grins*

*cracks up hysterically* Oh, I really needed this today. Absolutely hilarious, and I hope you start feeling better soon.

Thank you! And me too. *hopeful*

Oh, this is *awesome* and hilarious.

I'm sorry you got sick while visiting Chicago, though.

Thank you!

I don't blame Chicago. I blame Texas for being a jealous bitch. It does not like me having other states, you know?





Now I can't stop giggling. It was nice and short and could completely happen, and you really ought to continue it.

Get better soon, all right?

thank you! And trying very hard.

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Yes, Morgana and Uther totally will make their lives hell with their tender concerns. *shivers*

camped out in front of the hearth in nothing but his unlaced shirt and trousers, with three skins of wine and a wide, brilliant smile.

hi friday HI! i'll have a pint of lager and lime please. love this. what's more frightening, being complimented by uther or questioned by gaius?

Hee! I think both, tbh.


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