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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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Ahahaha!! OMG! I can't even --


How much of a shove do you need to make this happen?? *blinks wide-eyed*

*eyes narrow* You write it. Carte blanche. You write well and I have seen your fic. And will maybe remember to catch up on my feedback this weekend.

*giggles* You with the funny!

But, in all seriousness... how much of a nudge??

I don't know anything about decorating! Though I kinda want to write Arthur's initial fit when he saw the tower, tbh.

I don't know anything about decorating!

Pffft! *waves hand* How hard can it be??

Besides, Merlin probably doesn't know, either (beyond mixing blue and red). So there ya go!

LOL It's the boys, not the icon!

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