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I need a queen. Not a wife. And certainly not right now. Yes, I have noticed your completely unsubtle attempts at making a clean break--really, Merlin, a tower? You have to live at the top of a tower? When the fuck did we get a tower? It wasn't here before. You do not lie well. Go to sleep before I forget I'm not allowed to beat you to death. Love, Arthur."

Hi, I love you. Have a coffee (icon).

Mmm, coffee. God, I want coffee now. Thank you!

Of course, only Merlin would get married and not notice. And only Arthur would marry a guy and not tell him. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH OH GOD.

The tower. Seriously. :)

If it were going to happen, it would happen like that. Arthur == not the greatest sharer of important life choice information.


(I can seriously see Arthur staring up at that tower going "Oh, he has got to be kidding.")

That is unbelievably cute! It's, like, just amazing. And so Arthur-like, too.

Lovely! Oh, boys. I like to think if Merlin had ever been unfaithful, or even thought about it too much, Arthur would teach the sea serpent to be very, very dangerous. ;)

And lock Merlin in that very small, moated castle. *nods*


*flaily hands*

I hadn't realized I needed something exactly like this but apparently I did because I am sitting here with the stupidest grin on my face, happy as a kitten with warm cream. It's pure, in-character sap - and it's lovely to boot!

Boys. *sigh*

*dies* Thank you. I just sat there going "Oh God they are hideously adorable. Did I write this?"

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

I have no idea where it came from.

Thank you!

I have ridiculous amounts of love for this fic! *flails*

This is just wonderful! (and if this is what we get when you have a bad week I look SO forward to what we'll get w/a good one! :D) Thanks!

*dies* I don't even know. I'm kind of worried about that.


I am so glad to share fandom with you again.

*pets the story muchly*

*glee* SO am I.

Thank you!

(Deleted comment)
...that song is now stuck in my head.

*dies laughing* Thank you.

Oh. Just. ♥

Perfect, wonderful, happy-making, OTP-building, cry-from-the-rooftops sweet. Excuse me, I have to go re-read a third time, right now. *.*

I honestly did not see it coming until I realized no one was going to a.) get more naked or b.) start a small war.

Thank you!

Just finished out the run of Merlin last night. And now this: Merlin takes overkill and raises it to a whole new level - literally.

My life is so full of good squishee!

I keep imagining Arthur staring at this tower with this incredulous expression.

Thank you very much.

Dear lord, the sweetness has slain me. I adore the give and take and the sniping that doesn't even stop for declarations of love and devotion.





BUILT A TOWER. I mean, that's like, nonproportional response to *thoughts of marriage* times like, twenty.

Thank you!

I love this. *instamem* LOVE. I'm a sucker for future stories where Merlin can use magic, and OMG HE MAGICKED UP A TOWER HEEEE!!!

Thanks for this!

Thank you!

Seriously. A *tower*. Not subtle there.

That was perfect. Absolutely, positively perfect. ♥

(Deleted comment)
Aww, that was so adorable and perfect. <3


Sorry for the craptastic two weeks, but I'm quite pleased with the result! Loved the clueless!Merlin and his tower :D

So lovely. Merlin built a tower with 500 stairs and Arthur climbed them all and obviously he's a complete goner, because 500 stairs? The lad is batty for Merlin.

I enjoyed this immensely. I loved the dialogue between Arthur & Merlin, I loved Lord Bedwyer and the nagging council, and I loved how sweet and charming this was.

Thank you so much for sharing.


God, I can't even *imagine* climbing five hundred stairs. *shakes head*

Thank you very much!

CUDDLING! My real life might be immensely boring, but my living-vicariously-through-fiction life has CUDDLING! \o/

I sometimes wonder if I write in compensation for something. *looks suspiciously at fic*

Thanks very much!

Completely adorable - this fic would make anyone feel better.

That was brilliant! I lovelovelove it! ♥

Yes, I have noticed your completely unsubtle attempts at making a clean break--really, Merlin, a tower? You have to live at the top of a tower? When the fuck did we get a tower? It wasn't here before.
LMAO! That's so Merlin! XD

There's a fairly decent chance that Arthur's been living in here all week and Merlin just hasn't been around enough to notice.
Like I said, brilliant! ^__^

*G* Thank you very much.

(Tower. Seriously. Oh Merlin.)


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