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The Dr.Who ones are awesome. I love that the doctor's fascination of all things human continues, but his joy at being a full participant shines through.

I wonder if he'll ever take a name?

Thanks for sharing!


You know, I've wondered about that, too.

I was going to post favourite lines, but then I realised that would be overkill.
I love these so much :)

... ok, just one favourite line.

3. Gilbert Blythe
(He's always wanted to know how Gilbert made Anne love him.)
Anne of Green Gables!! This makes me so very happy.

Oh, more "Humanity" 'verse! *is so happy*

*bounces* They are hard to escape.

So, you're working on another chapter, right?

Oh, this totally makes my day that much better. *purrs* Thanks!

I think I need to reread Crimes Against Humanity - it's been a while since I wallowed in the epic story of sociopaths in love

*g* It makes me ridiculously happy sometimes.

1. The thousand ways a single sun can rise.

I love that.
Love it, love it, love it, because it's the Doctor, and he has seen such sights, but never for long, you know, and it's just absolutely perfect that this is something he's never gotten the chance to notice before now, how wonderful a place can be even if you don't have all of time and space at your fingertips.

And the rest, of course. Rose's messy cleaning hair and sex, finally, god, and naps and a home that isn't blue and bigger on the inside and as sad as that is, it's also lovely, and I'm all about the Doctor and Rose growing another TARDIS and having adventures in Pete's Universe, but this, the opposite side of the spectrum, has the ability to be seriously, seriously awesome and alluring too, and you did a marvelous job of portraying that with just these 5 little points.

I love the idea of them growing a TARDIS, but in this world, they have the chance to have a home as well. Totally best of both worlds.

Thank you!

Aw. The Doctor Who ones are so sweet. I can definitely imagine him feeling that way, throwing himself into human life the way he throws himself into everything else. Especially since Rose is there.

Really enjoyed the Crimes Against Humanity glances, too. That universe is totally awesome but it makes my heart hurt to see everyone so broken.

The Lex Luthor ones made me giggle. Especially the 'John Sheppard' one. The Gilbert one made me go, "Aw." It's so wistful and it says so much while being so short. They all do.

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kasjdfkl;ajd Crimes Against Humanity. YAY.

Speaking of, I have totally convinced myself that CAH John let himself be captured on purpose in order to get Rodney and take over Atlantis. If I'm wrong, pls don't tell me, because the thought makes me stupidly happy.

Thank you!

CAH is sociopathic love. *nods*

3. Gilbert Blythe

(He's always wanted to know how Gilbert made Anne love him.)

Oh Lex, you ginormous sap.

Seriously - all of these are great, but the one I quoted made my heart hurt, just a little, for that Lex who clearly read not just Anne of Gree Gables, but the entire freaking series.

er, that would be Anne of *Green* Gables, obviously. Silly fingers!

He totally read straight through to Rilla of Ingleside.

1. The thousand ways a single sun can rise.

Wow... that really hit me. He's seen the sun rise on a thousand different planets, in a thousand different solar systems but never the same sun twice.

There is something unbelievably sad about that.

I wonder if he thinks of it as living quantumly. *g* In the little things.

So I've just mainlined all of Crimes Against Humanity and I wanted to thank you for posting as much as you did. I know it's very unlikely that there will be more after so long, but there was so much that it felt satisfying as a story all the same (all kinds of wrong, of course, and yet still).

This little bit was, from that point of view, a very fitting way to end.

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