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is in discussion of misinformation she spread about Jameth

Rydra made a post in which she pointed out that the use of fast-blinking icons with the motto "seizure the day" was less than funny for someone who had recently been diagnosed as epileptic. She found this problematic, and possibly dangerous, since it's impossible to always know exactly what triggers seizures.

Jameth and his supporters swarmed her LJ, using those blinky-blinky icons, mocking her and demanding scientific proof that their icons could hurt anyone. This included Jameth, although he later went back and edited the blinky icon out of his comment. She's since locked down her entire LJ because they would not stop harrassing her.

I don't know whether icons can trigger seizures. But that kind of behavior on its own is enough for me to know who I'm voting against.

Rydra didn't spread any disinformation. She expressed her opinion and was stampeded for it.

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