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children of dune - leto 1
Livejournal Advisory Board Election is up and running.

I--you know, here's the thing. After what happened with Brad, I just, personally, cannot take this seriously as anything but a titular--thing.

...though from comments in that post, it is being taken Very Seriously Indeed.

Hands up--who even noticed the elections? I discovered it while skimming sf-d THEN saw one person on my flist represent.

...I'm not even sure who the candidates are. Except Jameth seems to be doing really well, and his campaign posters are awesome.

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I admit I missed a lot of this - I only got really involved recently in response to hat I feel is a candidate who will not best represent Livejournal as a whole, let alone fandom (I can't speak to the needs of fandom in its entirety, but at the same time, some of the words and actions of LMM leave me dubious nonetheless).

As for the accusations of puppetry - if it came before there was evidence, did it also come before people were reporting it from their "sources"? Surely this could be manufactured (my source just told me that this guy Brad who founded livejournal is actually George Bush!!!!), but given that proof followed in fairly short order, I'd have to wonder. Now, if it came without any mention of potential puppetry and was just a counter to an increase in popularity - that's another matter and I'd be interested in hearing about it.

I don't know what happened to rydra-wrong: the only context that name has come up for me is in discussion of misinformation she spread about Jameth, and myabe (my memory is bad) taht she was deleting or screening comments - but I can't speak to that in definite terms. I know that supporters of Jameth tend to go to places as they're discovered en masse, with varying degrees of politeness in their tactics.

I think that unfortunate actions have been taken in support of both leading candidates, and that neither group of supporters is above reproach. But also, that if we're to hold one accountable for their supporter's actions (even if they ask said supporters to stop) that has to be the standard.

My apologies; I had to go and walk through the threads to make sure I was correct. I can only speak for myself and what I followed Friday.

The accusation came before the first posted screencap.

2008-05-23 06:11 pm UTC First mention of disqualificatoin of lego for being on LJ Abuse
2008-05-23 06:40 pm UTC Camber made a 500 sockpuppet anonymous source comment.
2008-05-23 07:39 pm UTC User points out that this might be how lego got into second place.
2008-05-23 10:41 pm UTC Sockpuppet accusation by jameth in his lj
2008-05-23 10:53 pm UTC Implication of sockpuppetry by legos
2008-05-23 11:35 pm UTC Claim of rumor of 200 sockpuppet journals
2008-05-23 11:48 pm UTC Another implication of sockpuppetry
2008-05-24 01:10 am UTC Screencap of furiosity's LJ, showing two people talking about sockpuppets in a cap from 2008-05-23 03:14 pm UTC
2008-05-24 01:19 am UTC second appearance of screencap.
2008-05-24 01:28 am UTC accusation shows up in clairvoyant wank
2008-05-24 04:22 am UTC 200 sockpuppet allegation, sf-drama

I was tracking voting at the time:
Jameth - Legomymalfoy
2:02 PM CST = 1573 to 1156
2:15 PM CST = 1582 to 1187
2:21 PM CST = 1585 to 1197
(these are set between 2:21 and 3:12, but unknown precise minute)
(1590 to 1212)
(1604 to 1245)
3:12 PM CST = 1611 to 1266
3:30 PM CST = 1621 to 1295
3:39 PM CST = 1622 to 1301
3:48 PM CST = 1631 to 1313
4:00 PM CST = 1636 to 1331
4:18 PM CST = 1638 to 1353
4:20 PM CST = 1641 to 1357
4:30 PM CST = 1643 to 1365

Posts for the election started showing up on my flist late Thursday night/early Friday morning declaring for lego, which set off a chain reaction through flists. I made my first post at 11:01 CST, my second at 12:40 when I declared for a candidate. According to what I have sketched down here, between the six posts I saw before 12:40, including rydra-wong's, and the explosion after one o'clock, when I started watching the comm, potentially four to five thousand people read the message regarding the election from approximately twenty-two posts made between one AM CST and one PM CST on May 23 that I saw personally (I know others were made and have seen referenced, but I don't really want to go back and retroactively count, so ones like furiosity's et al I'm not counting for the purpose of this conversation).

(This is very approximate; I had to estimate my fof and potential dead accounts/filters against the other people's and our overlap. It's a estimate due to a lot of people also having feeds to their ljs for friends in IJ and GJ.)

There are several gaps due to retroactive flock that I don't have access to, unfortunately.

This isn't an indictment, because I wasn't documenting at the time as thoroughly as I would have if I'd known what I was seeing; however, it felt suspicious, especially to those of us watching the numbers, at how quickly the sockpuppet translated to lego translated to 200 and beyond when lego started to gain votes. The proof of the cap was posted to verify two people, not 200. Abruptly, before most of us had even gotten farther than a fairly passive legomymalfoy vote, our posts were being trolled and flamed. That kinda put everyone in a sour mood.

Again, I say *looked* suspicious. There are a hundred reasons it could have gone the way it did and I'm not going to make accusations of deliberate malice because I'm not convinced there *was* malice.

*searches for an adjective*

*settles on "impressed"*

Wow. This is ... really thorough. Adding 2c.

- Jameth posted on the 23rd at 15:40:00 UTC here that Legomymalfoy, his closest competitor, was getting sockpuppet votes.

- I recorded the standings on the 23rd at at 16:56:00 UTC at the bottom of the post here. "Jameth has 1725 votes. Legomymalfoy has 1553 votes. No one else is even in the ball park."

- Within hours of his accusation, that total had risen (in the same post): "And now... Jameth has 1877 votes and Legomymalfoy has 2124."

is in discussion of misinformation she spread about Jameth

Rydra made a post in which she pointed out that the use of fast-blinking icons with the motto "seizure the day" was less than funny for someone who had recently been diagnosed as epileptic. She found this problematic, and possibly dangerous, since it's impossible to always know exactly what triggers seizures.

Jameth and his supporters swarmed her LJ, using those blinky-blinky icons, mocking her and demanding scientific proof that their icons could hurt anyone. This included Jameth, although he later went back and edited the blinky icon out of his comment. She's since locked down her entire LJ because they would not stop harrassing her.

I don't know whether icons can trigger seizures. But that kind of behavior on its own is enough for me to know who I'm voting against.

Rydra didn't spread any disinformation. She expressed her opinion and was stampeded for it.

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