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Oh man. Okay, where's my credit card?

You look awesome. And that t-shirt is awesome. The whole thing is awesome all around.

I had a my shirt is so totally awesome dance going on earlier.

I am gleeful. I wnat to wear it *everywhere*.

it's a truly awesome shirt and looks great on you - I can't wait to hear all about your opportunities to explain its meaning to innocents those not in the know

I am anticipating that a lot. Hopefully they'll ask in such a place that they are trapped and have to listen to the whole monologue.

Yay! Hi! You're very pretty!

I don't know that I've ever been more proud of you. Or fandom. *mulls this*

*solemn* I know the feeling. *salutes fandom*

That shirt is fantastic!

Hey, you're a hottie! How awesome is that?

Also, that is a fairly awesome t-shirt, too.

ps -- one of these days I'm gonna see the picture of someone on my flist and I'm convinced it'll be someone I know in RL. Possibly from work. Universes colliding! Argh!

Jenn! You are beautiful!

You're ADORABLE!! And the shirt's nice too. :D

Thank you!

I loveth my shirt!

OMG, I got mine the other day, and I happened to stop at the bookstore (I actually needed something, which is rare) and stopped to see if they had the books, and they DID, and I sat there laughing in the aisle for a minute. And then I walked by this one employee there that I know, and she TOTALLY KNEW THE BOOKS AND THE MEANING OF THE SHIRT. It was awesome. So I totally recommend you wear it to a bookstore someday. There may be a higher incidence rate of people knowing what it's about there. >.>;;;


OH YES! I am so wearing mine to Half Priced Books. Surely someone there will double take and giggle. *glee*

Okay, where can I get one?

you are SO cute!!!!!!!! (and I love the shirt... ::considers::)

It is a deeply, deeply awesome shirt. *nodnodnod*

MUST HAVE. OMG that's the best shirt ever.


Where's my credit card?

*dies laughing*

The shirt is totally worth it.

ummm, i don't know what it means!!!! *sighs* I must find out, i guess.

cause i want a shirt that half of no one understands. :D

And you're cute. i say again, because i'm sure i've said it before.

Aww, thanks!

It's a review that turned into a saying that turned into a t-shirt. Hold on, getting link.

It's like the greatest book review in *history*.

Yours is an evil, knowing smile, that dares people to ask about the shirt. Very nice.

*g* I will not refuse explanation to anyone. With much relish.

So THAT'S what you look like! Totally not what I had pictured, and yet? UTTERLY adorable.

And the t-shirt? FAB. So very FAB.

The shirt is *fantastic*. *GLEE*

So. What *did* you think I looked like?


*hugs you* It was a fantastic idea. Thank you and Vito and Mr. Ringo so much for the most fannish clothing I have ever known.

Seriously. I want like, boxer shorts with this on it I can wear in public or something. It tickles me just wearing it. *glee*

You look so cute. *squeaks*

People should totally post pics of themselves more, because OMG! hun you are so CUTE!!! (and slightly familiar... hummm) *smiles*

*reads story behind shirt* Now I'm going to be saying that at the store.

*womanly resists the urge to buy the books at work today*

No, I have enough with the Kushiel books by Jacqueline Carey (which you should so read). No more books!

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