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Oh thank God yes.

*hugs and clutches*

Am I reading this story wrong or is John a werewolf in this one?

Reply. Think so. That's the part that I couldn't remember and was driving me nuts.

God, I *want* more of this one. *sad*

I *want* more of this one.

Me too. I stumbled across the story a couple of days ago in one of the weird, half-dazed three-hour trawls across lj, and when I saw the author's first comment about there probably being more to come, I was delighted. And then I went over their lj with a fine-toothed comb, and was bitterly disappointed. Bitterly.

Why is it always the bad stories that have eighty bazillion parts and never end? Why don't any of the good stories do that?

Well. I suppose there are a few. Why aren't there more?

Believe me, I know. I love this one. It's just--so much possibility. RIGHT THERE.

I see you found the vampires, so I thought I'd offer bad showtunes. Sadly, that's been one of my favorites since I saw the musical in 1987 or so, but it gets stuck in my head at horribly inappropriate times.

*giggles hysterically*

::clears throat::

"Come on babe, we're gonna paint the town
And All That Jazz..."

::knows many many many MANY showtunes::

Hi. I wanted to thank you for the rec and to say that while I'm not going to be writing more in this 'verse, other writers are welcome to do so if they'd like to. (I wrote myself into a corner with that one and could never figure out which direction I wanted to take with it. *facepalm*)

...would offering potential second born children be any kind of bribe? (I'm attached to my first born--we'd have to negotiate)

*sighs* Still, though. That one stayed with me. It's amazing for something so short.

*g* While tempting, I'm afraid I'm not terrific parenting material.

I could clean up some of the snippets I have and post those later? But, oh, they're kind of horrible and wretched. *shame*

Thank you so much! I loved the idea of it, but failed to follow-through, which still makes me sad. As I said, though, you're more than welcome to write in this 'verse if you ever feel like it. :)

Not what you were looking for, but still awesome:

Rodney's A Big Scary Vampire

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