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Personally, I kept thinking about those Kryptoclones. Krypto!Helen, anyone? Else she wanted to kill Lex to get his off Clark trail and keep the boy to himself. She was lying to Lex too, straight to his face.

Also, Clana? Scarily nice in this episode.

Posting this here because I will not remember to post it in my own tomorrow: did we actually see the plane take off? Because if not, I'm wondering if Helen didn't leave (voluntarily or no) before it did.

There was a background noise of an airplane taking off. I'm assuming that it was their plane since it was the only one visible on the runway.

*blink* I taped the ep, haven't watched it yet, but dude! You made typos! Like, quite a few, too! Was it really that good?

Finally! Some theories! I needed someone to confirm my suspicions about the plane situation. I was reading it as either your first or second lex's murder theory. It seems like there were enough clues this episode that Helen did indeed have something to do with it. She was acting quite strange. It could be theory 3, also, I suppose.

But reading your recap, suddenly this question becomes moot -- because...could they really...kill lex? kill our lex? with future arch nemesis lex a clone? i can't stand the thought of this! and yet, this was exactly what i thought of (wildly, at the time, i thought i was grasping at straws) when lionel offered lex the honeymoon, that he would use lex's absence to produce a clone. but i can only hope that if that was the plan (which is a fabulous plot!) then as you say lex will defy death and lionel.

(btw, i should have stopped by to say hi before, but i was being silly and shy. i'm a somewhat newbie to lj, and you are one of my very favorite fic authors...i sort of fell in love with clex via sleep while i drive.)

anyway, i needed to vent about exodus. whew. i feel better now. :)

How delicious is it that Terence Stamp is the voice of Jor-El?
Total dissociation between Lex betraying Helen's trust and Clark's. He's virtually saying, "I know who you are. Tell me who you are."
Lionel and Clark in cave of destiny (C/L) potential if Lionel'd held out that key just a bit longer...
Pete, “creamed corn” is not that heroic a battle cry. Even “Spoon” is better.
Watch out, Lionel. You don’t want to appear…weak. Anvils of foreshadowing in the same scene, even.
Aww, Lex is part of the Kent family. They should adopt him when Clark leaves.
Lana is so so pretty. What could ever divide her from true love but constant parallels to and reminders of her tragic past?
Why is only Lana missing the best man? Does no one notice that the stand in parents of the groom are missing?
Chloe, get over it. You knew it forever that Clark loved Lana. They only snuck around because you make such huge fricking scenes.
Ooh, Clark did a bad, bad thing. Why is Helen smiling in her odd way?
The doctor who informs Papa Kent of wife/baby condition has no bedside manner at all. Gah.
Slamming doors between adopted son and grieving father. Clark, it’s ALL YOUR FAULT.
Go to the dark side, Chloe. Go, go, go.
Pete has the keen tracking ability of a bloodhound!
So, Helen drugged Lex, sabotaged the plane?
And pouting Clark winds up leaving a beautiful teary-eyed Smallville girl behind to putter away at thirty miles an hour to escape his Destiny!

Murder of Lex, Take 5:

Lionel had Helen brainwashed/drugged/replaced with a clone/etc. to kill Lex.

How Lex Survives, Take 4:

The first episode of next season, Lex washes up on the shore of a small, deserted island. He proceeds to do Smallville's version of "Cast Away," complete with a small picture of Clark in the compass Jonathan gave him and a tennis ball that washes ashore from his plane wreck which he names Wilson. Willie for short.

My exact thoughts!

Along with knowing that we'll finally find out if he can grow a beard, and if he is indeed impervious to sunburn. *g*



for many many minutes

and then - Oh god - Identical.


Very scary.

Overall i think this was one of the best episodes this season.

I will try to be coherent tomorrow.


And does the word "Identical" mean anything to anyone? Just checking

Do you mean "Identical" in the sense of a fic that could tie all the MB elements of this season together? A fic that the writers of SV seem to have borrowed from quite liberally already? A fic that could explain how we get from Misguided!Lex to Evil!Lex in one, fell, swoop? Nope, it does't mean anything to me... *g*

And my votes are for "Murder of Lex, Take 1" and "How Lex Survives, Take 2"

"I'm also betting that Jor-El had really great hair."

Excellent line!

Hey Clark! Nice Oedipal complex. Kills his father and the baby his other father put in his mother, who he told looked beautiful. Creepy!

Chloe *thinks* she is playing Lionel. But she will do his bidding. She's snapped. I like it. I'm so sick of whiny chloe, I liked sassy chloe and I think I'll like evil chloe but whiny chloe. No thank you!

What do you suppose was in the envelope? Blackmail? Mind control? Postcards from Miami Beach? Lionel seemed concerned about them. He doesn't seem that concerned about anything ever. That's why he's so magnificent. Maybe Helen tried to pull a fast one on Lionel and he had to crash the plane she was on?

It's kind of cool that everyone has good reason to be pissed at Clark. He ditched his second best friends wedding. Cuckolded Chloe, Left lana behind (her biggest fear), Pulled a fast one on his Magnificence, Killed a baby, Destroyed his home, tried to kill the memory of his biological father. He's going to be grounded for like a week. If I was him, I'd be looking for a secret identity.

Anyone else suprised Clark doesn't wear a helmet? I mean, I know he doesn't need one and Red Clark wouldn't wear it but when he's pulling his dad's bike out of the rubble of their home (how did the bike survive anyway? Is it a super-bike?), it seemed like ever well meaning Clark wouldn't break helmet laws. I bet he doesn't even speed.

Great hair runs in the family and Clark gets grounded-so to speak

It's kind of cool that everyone has good reason to be pissed at Clark. He ditched his second best friends wedding. Cuckolded Chloe, Left lana behind (her biggest fear), Pulled a fast one on his Magnificence, Killed a baby, Destroyed his home, tried to kill the memory of his biological father. He's going to be grounded for like a week. If I was him, I'd be looking for a secret identity.

LOL! At work. Bad Caleb! No biscuit! Hee!

Only a week, huh?

Oh, and you beat me to this...

I'm also betting that Jor-El had really great hair.

LOL! Again! Damn you cheeky ljers.

but... he... they.. ergh!!

So.. where's the ring? Once I was done drooling over what seemed like a gratuitous shot of MR molesting a champagne flute (okay so he was pretty much just holding it, but that man molests the air he breathes as far as I'm concerned)... I realized... no ring. NO RING. Someone, please, tell me what that means.

And also, Helen's eyelashes scare the crap out of me.

And P.S., jenn, your fic is *awesome*. :)

This episode obviously flustered you enough to make a lot of typos. That's okay. I agree with your assessment. What. The. Fuck.
Smallville continuity being what it is, I wasn't really sure what happened on that plane. I thought, maybe we're just supposed to be missing the scene where we see what happens to the passengers and pilot. I like your idea Jenn, that the pilots and Helen set Lex up. It would explain the mysterious silver envelope so well. May I remind everyone that last season ended with Lex almost killing Lionel? Perhaps this season ends with Lionel almost killing Lex. There's a time problem here. Perhaps Lex's plane flew through a time zone, because it was light when Clark left SV, but dark when Lex's plane went down. Plenty of time for Clark to take off his spiffy ring and go save Lex. Not sure how he'd do that without revealing himself, but you never know.
Oh snarf. Bad snarf. There's something out there, on the wing... That freaking Twilight Zone episode scared the crap out of me.

Anyway. I'm going with the theory that Helen is safe on some Caribbean island sipping mai tais and thinking she didn't even have to have sex with Lionel to get the money (she never did give back the 100,000, and it would be unlike Lionel not to make a bigger offer).

Yeah, why on earth did Clark think red kryptonite would solve problems, rather than just cause more? For all he knew the second he slipped the ring on he'd turn right around and kill everyone in town. Search me.

AND I THINK I KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON WITH LEX! Helen's sudden return, her evil smile... for some reason she drugged Lex's champagne and she and the crew bailed on Lex while he was out. I can't imagine what earthly reason she'd have for doing such a thing, but I also can't think of any other solution to the empty-plane mystery. THAT BITCH!

What do you think?

Well, it seems that we were affected the same way by the finale. I had a lot of similar ideas. It's really had to form coherent sentences when writing about this episode. If you're thinking what I am thinking along the lines of "Identical," I think we should both stop. I hate even considering it.
Oh, and I forgot about the compass!! That was so great! I was gushing a little (as much as I can gush).
I hope you're right about Chloe.

Is it all a Dream?

Shy here.

I think Lex might just have been having a nightmare. But I could be wrong, it's just the writers have screwed up the Helex relationship (not in a good way)it's very hard to read the characters into each other. Until this episode I thought Helen was a beard.

I loved Lionel's roar of anger! Eviillll!!! Evillll!!!

What little they gave Pete was gold with Lionel. Heh. Wonder if Pete exercised some demons with that conversation?

Poor Clark...the meltdown has reached Level 10. Has he just commited 2nd degree murder?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I can see why this pushed him over the ledge, TW's skills acting throughout the episode ran the gambit, pain all over. Clark seemed like he was riding to the mountains, maybe he'll meet Lex if Lex crashed into a river? (read my idea above)

Too bad they couldn't have a wilderness arch where Clark and Lex learn to trust each other while traveling back to Smallville.

Can we all agree now that Lex pretty much knows Clark's secret, he just wants comformation? Stupid Clark, you could have been playing Evil Alien Overlord and Slave with Lex!

Anything to get Chole out of that stupid triangle, and we all know now that evil=interesting (Lionel, Lex) good=dull, flat, lifeless, (Lana, Clana)Hey, this puts
Chloe on equal footing with Lex moralwise. If they work together Clark is toast!

Chole and Lex: You're an alien, just admit it so we all can go home!

Clark: La! La! La! I can't hear you!

Lex: And have a menage a trois.

Clark: Take me to your Bender!

gives Lex the Kent Family Compass, and okay, brought tears to my eyes.

I liked that moment too, but I thought he gave him *a* compass, not the one that his father gave him.

Helen, for some reason, has been in league with Lionel from the beginning

That's what I'm thinking. *g*

Just a few smartass remarks


***First off, we have Destiny, whispering evilly in Clakr's ear, and you know, don't you think Jor-El and Lionel must, on some metaphysical, deeply spiritual plane between here and the afterworld (I like to call it hell), are like, soul brothers. This makes so much sense.**+

Maybe Jor-El and Lionel meet next season, fall deeply in love and make Clark and Lex crazy. Happy nice family.

***I'm also betting that Jor-El had really great hair.***

I think he would be bald---

Jor-El and Lionel must, on some metaphysical, deeply spiritual plane between here and the afterworld (I like to call it hell), are like, soul brothers.

Yet another reason for Clark and Lex to bond - they both have similiar Daddy!Issues and are both determined to fight their destinies. These boys belong together!

Now all we need is for Clark to resuce Lex from a second watery grave. *g*

Lex is going to survive because a) he's a survivor b) he and Clark have A Destiny Together and c) canon dictates -- same reason Martha's baby had to go.

Helen was in with Lionel all along. Go back and look. I have to say, the plan's impressively devious, even for Lionel; with Lex married to his mole, even if Lex left a will designed to keep Daddy out of the things Lex has been protecting from him (ie, anything to do with the Kents), Helen would still have full access.

Of course, the necessity to do an end run around Lex's will assumes Lionel doesn't have any Lexclones ready yet...

I don't think Helen is in cahoots with Lionel because if he had lured her to the evil side, wouldn't she have immediately given the vial of blood to Lionel? So he would have already known Clark was an alien. Plus, Lionel doesn't want Lex dead. So even if she was evil, Lionel wouldn't have wanted to kill of his one heir. Sure, emotional torture and such, but not death.

I think that Lex waking up to a plummeting plane was a dream, well, more like a nightmare. Cause that's an easy, stupid way to have a "Lex is going to die!" cliffhanger that can easily be fixed with "Haha, it was a dream! Gotcha!" reasoning.

What I remember thinking while half-watching that ep was -- were you the one who made a big thing about how all Clark's problems were arising from information and not sharing it with those who really need to know it? Or did I read that elsewhere? Anyhoo, I was noticing all this secret-keeping shit coming down on Clark's head at the same time, and he had Lex and Lana and Chloe all getting karked at him for "typical Clark flakiness" that he really had the best of excuses for, while even his parents were being kept of the loop (with horrendous results). Whereas Pete, who was in the know, was understanding and helpful and even got to exorcise some old demons having to do with Lionel. See, sharing good (for Clark and for his friends both), secrets bad.

I swear that scene where Chloe showed up at the stroke of noon nearly begged for him to just snap at her and tell her to just follow him into the cellar and see for herself what he was doing that was so important that he was missing his boyfriend's best friend's wedding over it. Course, she's the second-worst person on the show to ever find out what he is -- and just made an alliance with the first-worst -- but learning that Clark's birth father was trying to mind-control him into taking over the world is one fuck of a good excuse for haring off into the blue without leaving explanations behind. And frankly, I think coming clean with her at that point would have been maybe the only thing that would have kept her away from Lionel...

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