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children of dune - leto 1
Waffles. Tis the season.


And this is why I fear for my life. Oh yes.

Hee! he looks ADORABLE (for a killer-to-be rabbit)!

HE SO DOES! *glee* I am totally goign to figure out how to iconize it.

Oh the poor thing! He looks like he's figuring out where to start biting as soon as you release him. Be careful!

But also XD

*hee* Yes. Yes he *is*.

His little *face*. His little face that would cut you if only he *could*.

*nodnodnod* OH yes.

...of course, I don't make my beloved wear princess hats.



ETA: Hubby looked at the picture and says that if he gets loose and eats you, you deserve it. I say it's worth it though, just for this picture!

Edited at 2007-12-02 04:35 am (UTC)


...I say that now. I wil regret when I wake up and he is atop me, teeth bared in rabbit-rage.





Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, meet Killer Rabbit of Austin.

He's absolutely adorable. But he's so totally going to kill you for this.

I was very careful feeding him tonigth. He had the look of a rabbit whose forgotten he's vegan. Not comfortable.

When he does brutally attack you, you will be literally killed by cuteness because, awwwww!

The precious is undeniable. Yes.

Awwww! So cute! He doesn't look murderous, more like very, very confused.

He fools us like that, really.

That's both cute and horrifying.

Cutest killer bunny ever. He would so kill you for this if he could. The degradation! His bunny pride!

Still cutest thing ever! Totally worth it.

Oooh yeah. Totally worth the death glares.

Wow, I'm kind of disturbed by how adorable I find that. I literally made some kind of d'aaaaaw noise out loud. o.O

When he finds a way out of his cage, though, I fear for you. Vengeance will be swift and furry!

I am hoping he will get distracted by the new toys I put in his cage as an obvious bribe. We can hope.

Adorable, and yes, a little frightening

Fear the Rabbit Fury to be released... once you're done awwwwwing over how adorable he looks, of course *g*

There is a *lot* of dawwing.

AWWWW!!!! *cuddles your bunny*
sooo cute!!!

If Waffles and my Purrurru could have babies we'd get rich monopolizing the cute market.

*goes off to research cat-rabbit cloning*

*dies and dies* Mmmm, cross-breed cloning. WE'd be *so rich*.

OMG, he's *fantasizing* about what you'll look like after he *eats your face*!!!

But he's so cuuuuuute!!

I can see him plotting even as he looks oh-so-deceptively cute and fuzzy and adorable in that outfit. Has he found out you've shown it all over the internet?

*nodnodnod* Yep.

...oh God no. But he'll ifgure it out. He'll smell my guilt or something.

He's so cute! Christmas Bunny of Death!

I maded you an icon! If you want it. =)

And one not as naughty, since I want Santa to think I'm a good girl.

I seriously want to kiss you.


OMG! Look at his little rabbit feet. And his little rabbit paws.

And that distinctively homicidal gleam in his little rabbit eyes.


If I had tried that when my rabbit was still alive, I would have pulled back bloody stumps where my hands used to be.

Now, I just torture the dog. (points at icon)

I lured him to complacency with fresh hay. He was fooled wtih slow petting as I worked the jacket onto him.

Oh how cute but yeah, I'd run if I were you

*grins* I think he's sleeping. He has to sleep *sometime*.

Oh my god that is SO CUTE. I squeed so loudly! His little bunny *face*! You want to snorgle his belly and his paws! SO. CUTE.

(also is it sad that I was bemused when my browser's spell check flagged 'squeed'? I saw the red underline and went '...but squeed is totally a word. did I misspell it? no? wait, it's not a real word? WHAT.')

Ooh yes, it was hard not to cuddle him, but then I remembered, *teeth at my throat*. Not good.

...squee isn't a word? *blank*

How did you even get him to hold still for that? Tranq gun? You can tell he's just biding his time...

Slow hypnotic petting.

...yeah, he's prepping for an assault.


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