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You can't leave it there!

I won't!

*giggling hysterically*

I am *so* up on allergy meds right now. I got to that and thought, hey, this is a story! Not a collection of randodm letters! It was very shocking.

Seriously. Despite hte breathing thing? Life rocks so *much*.


I'm not even halfway through this, and I'm giggling like a moron at Rodney's hysteria.

"dramatically tapping on keys so slowly that Rodney pulls up Amazon and looks up Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, beginner edition, and has it on-route to Colorado"! *laughing too hard to breathe* That just made my day.

It's a very good teaching program!


There had better be more of this!

*loves it all so much*

There is and will be, yes.


Oh, god, then you turned it around and made me cry.

:;clutches story to chest:: You write more now.

Wow. Started with crack and suddenly became the promise of an adventure bonanza. How are you so awesome?
You know, Rodney isn't my favorite character in the whole group but I hate it when they try to bring in humor by making him look completely useless in the field because it's just illogical that someone on a first contact team for three years would not be good at it to at least to some degree. I like your Rodney viewpoint and will be looking forward to the next part.

I am very drugged. *nods firmly* My attention span is that of a gnat. A very very sad gnat.


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Oh my GOD! I'm a wreck! Is there more? I'm in love with this!

Yes, there is. And thanks!

Heh. I didn't see that coming either.

Oh, my god yes. Why didn't this happen? You *know* it would have, because really, the only one who beats Rodney for being kidnapped is John, and there is not Teyla to be coy and calming, no Ronon to kill things and Rodney to break the whateverthehell mind control. And they didn't expect this?

*loves you like crazy* I can't wait for more :D

Exactly! All that's left is poor Rodney to take up the slack. But he's so up to it.


I decided that since despite avoiding spoilers like the PLAGUE I already kind of new what happened in the ep, reading this fic couldn't hurt.

OMG so glad I did.

Just, um. You're not leaving it there, right?

In a logical world, Rodney would be in charge of everything and he'd be blissfully happy. (In between panic attacks because random events are distrupting things.)

I love how Sam goes from "I can't promise anything" to "give me five minutes" with the knowledge that Rodney is just *that* determined.

(And why hasn't he rigged his own super-duper DHD override for all stargates, yet?)

Rodney totally had that look of "I will hack the SGC and do terrible, terrible things" going on. Smart Sam.


Wow. OK. OK, I really & truly *MUST* *HAVE* *MORE*. Pleasepleasepleaseplease?

Thanks! And yes, more definitely.

I start a WIP with "You lost him?" and then you do this and whatever I come up with for Lorne won't be half as fantastic as this and now I'm especially jealous because I backburnered that WIP to write your story. *pouts*

In all seriousness... this is fun. And you're very mean about leaving it there.

PS -- Rodney in Bulldozer Mode is always a treat.

Argh! I'm sorry! I just had this incredulous image of Rodney listneing to this in disbelief.

And yes, Rodney in bulldozer mode is the funnest thing in history.


Omg, I love Rodney's logic and his orchestration of events, but oh ow this whole universe is ouchy, no one is given the respect they deserve and I want to kick them all in the head.

Very excited to see what happens next.

God,me too. kick them *all*.


Yay, story! This is a very cool setup.

Go, Rodney, go! This is great- the image of Rodney bursting out of the blowjob closet, all Eureka with his pants down, is fabulous. Can't wait for more!

that was one of the most vivid images I had. it was seriously hard to write and not giggle insanely.


Oh my. How could I not love this? Of course this would happen. So. Damn. Perfect.

Ooo. Somehow I find the idea of a Sheppard who suddenly speaks Ancient and declares himself a diety scarily appealing. *worships*

*nods* Me too. So. Much.

::convulses:: Omg, that was great! Poor Rodney, not being there for John even though he obviously should have, even though John's new team are obviously complete idiots and the SGC incapable of anything. I love how he manages to find a way around that, I only wish that Ronon and Teyla were around to back him up ::sigh:: Though, now everyone gets to see that Rodney can be kick ass off world, when he needs to be.

He *does* kick ass. And oh, they will learn. The new team will learn.


Noooo! Don't leave us here! Don't leave John in alien godhood bondage! Don't leave Rodney on this side of the gate! And for heaven's sake, don't sell Lorne to the Ori! ("Please" is politely added to all of the above.)

This is fun. I'm looking forward to more.

Hmm. I'll reconsider the bean/Lorne exchange.


Eeeee! Sheppard succumbs to another ancient priestess! And Rodney to the rescue. And for the first time, I kinda like this Carter. I'm enjoying this - I'm looking forward to more.

This is so going to continue. Right? Because, yeah, needs more. MUCH more.

No glaring spelling mistakes on first read-through, seems like you've gotten most. ;)

GIP because that's SO how I see Rodney right now too. *thud*

God, that is *So* an appropriate icon. *stares in wonder* Yes.

And thanks!

Oh, Rodney.

And, you are evil for stopping there!


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