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Just a question. Are you supposed to suddenly believe your life has no meaning if you can't beat the hard one in under seven minutes? I'm just saying, being on the verge of tears when it hits seven oh one is a little disconcerting.

Yes. Yes you are.

God, I hope so, at least.

I feel serious inadequacy when I can't do the evil level in under four minutes. It's a Thing.

I've never done them on the computer, but I'm still working on the easy ones in under a day. Ummm... I have no life?

HEE! It'll destroy your life, I'm telling you right now. Seven minutes, though? I should be lucky if I got in in fifteen.

I've only done them on paper! Is there a link for... well, the last bit of my sanity completely lost?

Less boring this way. And yes, needing more than three minutes signals inadequacy.

Hmm, I prefer to do the paper ones - I think better when I can scratch and scribble *grins*.

Hee, I like really hard ones that take an hour to do. I got a book at a bargain bookstore that occasionally had puzzles with the wrong numbers printed in the puzzles. Those were fun to decipher ;)

Oh dear God in heaven.

Are you *serious*?

Considering that when I tried this sudoku thing even the easier ones took me longer I refuse to feel inadequate.

I love doing them on paper, but can't seem to do them on the computer. It's weird, but I stare & stare and nothing comes. I need to be able to make little notes to myself (like putting a faint 6 on the line because I know it's in one box or the other.)

I think it's better for one's mental health to do them on paper. With no clock in sight. That way, you just have the pleasure of making it and none of the stress of wondering if you performed well.

It's about exercising your brain, not about getting to the finish line before Speedy Gonzalez.

Eeeei! Okay, um. When you get bored with the sudoku? You have to try kakuro. Because it is *way* better. Just... so much. *flails with unholy glee*

But get a book, because the ones on the internet are all freakishly easy, even the hard ones. There are like 10 different books at Barnes and Nobel and they will make you feel all brainy and also? Not bored, which is the best thing for mental health in my humble opinion.

I got a booklet of easy/moderate ones that I sometimes do on the train, but I flail between feeling inadequate for not being able to fill them in with only a glance, and feeling like spending any time on them at all is a waste of time when there are so many other things I should be doing that are more worthwhile. OHTHEANGST!

(Deleted comment)
which is the evil show that had the stupid sudoku books added in taht tipped my interest!

You see how this is all going downhill, right?

Hee, I just started playing Sudoku a few days ago and right now, I can finish the easy ones in about 6 – 8 minutes. Brain Age (a Nintendo DS game) comes with a easy and medium-hard few puzzles but I might spring an extra $20 for a stand-alone sudoku title.

It’s so addictive isn’t it?

I'm still on easy and sorta easy, but that's as far as I've gotten. The hard ones make my head hurt.

Are you supposed to suddenly believe your life has no meaning if you can't beat the hard one in under seven minutes?

God, I hope not. I tend to be frighteningly good at this sort of thing, and it takes me 20 minutes to do a medium. That's with distractions, but I figure it adjusts to 12 minutes at best.

I only do the hard ones if I'm feeling masochistic.

See, crossword puzzles are more my speed. I'm *good* at those. Well, at least the ones the Washington Post publishes. I'm scared to try the New York Times. But anyway, much more fun, because they're all about words!

Well, if it makes you feel any better, my mom spent two or three days on one before giving up. There were no numbers whatsoever in the middle grid. I don't remember how long it took me, but it was pretty evil.

I think it's easier on paper. I do it by process of elimination, so I can't actually solve a web sudoku thing at all.

Also, I've been reading SGA fic because of your rabbits. I've never seen Stargate in any form, don't have a television, and refuse to watch live-action (other than Star Wars) merely on principle. I think I have a bit more to worry about in the "highly impressionable" department than you do :)

I don't worry about time since I am often doing these when I'm killing time during work or whatever. But I have developed the OCD aspect whereby I have to fill in the center sqaure (the very center one) last. And I prefer to do the four corners first.


I hate puzzles/sudoku/crosswords. If you were to measure my intellect on puzzles I'd come in at a negative number. I cannot think logically enough for them and instead find myself spending an hour trying to work out a functioning equation to solve the damn things without me having to actually do the process of elimination. Apparently my brain is not wired right.

So uh, feel good about yourself? At least you can do them at all :)

Are you supposed to suddenly believe your life has no meaning if you can't beat the hard one in under seven minutes?

NO(she said, not at all defensively.)

Of course, I'm doing them from the newspaper in the time it takes for call data records to load at work, so that's about 20 seconds at a time.

I have, thus far, not touched sudoku at all. Numbers and I have never been friends, perhaps never will be. No matter they clever and seductive forms they attempt to take.

I admit that once, I did steal a classmate's sudoku book with intent to attempt it. I ended up decorating the grid with doodlings of ivy and thorns.

But I find watching others obsess over the puzzles intensely entertaining. Perhaps it's the sadist in me. Who knows.

No, I haven't commented before. I may make it a habit in the near future, however. Your stories brought me here, your words kept me. Don't worry, I'm not stalking by any meaning of the word. Just interested, curious. Curiosity killed the cat, not the Kate.

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