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*looks at Dust and giggles more*

It's interesting that they chose this. Seriously so--I really love the idea of Clark fighting his destiny too. Much of hotness.

See, I'm not sure--if Krypton is so far away, I don't know HOW he'd get information about Earth, but again, that stupid speed of light thing is getting in the way. I need a physics person to sit down and give me some odds--I'm guessing they've found a way aroudn it, but I can't prove it, and I can't figure out how Jor-El would get current information, even if they DO beat light, in time to make it a part of his choice.

MUCH to ponder in possiblities.

MM. Clark in jackboots. *eg*

Was it Tharamis or you that talked about now both Lex *and* Clark fighting destiny? Oh, please, please let it be that TPTB don't drop the ball on this one.

Speed of light? *scratches brain* Isn't the theory that it would take an impossible amount of energy to move even the tiniest speck of matter at the speed of light? *stares into space* Huh--

Speed of light theory--yeah. There's an equation somewhere--I remember, vaguely, my astronomy teacher showing or telling us, but that was years ago and my memory is rusty--that shows what it would take or something along those lines when we were discussing it in class.

But depending on who you talk to, there's an entire thing with multiverse and relative speed and this is why I never took physics--my head hurts just thinking it. There's a website somewhere I used to go to when I was writing Trek that was devoted to all things space-y, so I may need to find it and see what it has on current theory regarding space travel and breaking the speed of light. Though me? I was happy with Trek's Warp Theory thing. Oh yes. It made me happy.


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