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Heh, reading this I'm starting to wonder when you'll combine your interest in (crack) SGA fic and rabbits and post a Watership Down/SGA fusion kind of thing with exploring rabbits, who are also appropriately (and realistically) vicious and rack up a huge body count....


Wow. That would

*wide eyed*


You should write it, really. I mean, even as humans they are hunted like rabbits by the Wraith in the Pegasus galaxy, I bet as rabbits they would have invented a cool mythology about that, and the clueless newcomer rabbits are enlightened by the native rabbits about the Wraith (or the rabbit equivalent) with cave paintings, and maybe there are Ancestor rabbits in the mythology too.

And really there's plot/setting analogues already. They set out to find a new home and meet new and different rabbit populations, like they could meet the Warren analogous to the one in the book that have turned from the old teachings and exchanged easy living for acceptance of being eaten, i.e. those who made a deal with the Wraith, and then there's the Genii who could be like the warren Efrafra. And of course some rabbits have special psychic powers like Wraith sensing and the Ancient gene...

You know that I blame you for the SGA/Watership Down fusion fanart I made:

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