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This is like that AWESOME ST:TOS episode with the INSANE Spock and Kirk and Uhuru in the awesome outfit and EVERYONE IS JUST EVIL. *dances around*

Thanks for this omfg.

God yes, the mirror'verse? *happy place* Prettttyyyy. Yes.


i think that there is something perversly wrong with me, considering that i love this fic so much. and the thought of Rodney and John blowing shit up is really hot.

*nods* It really, really is.


this is so disturbing, and I'm enjoying it *so* much.

what an amazing twist on the show's reality.

thanks for sharing!!!

Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it!

There are no words. This is my new favorite fic, that I will obsessively check sixty times a day for updates.

I know this is how I commented on each of the last two parts, but trust me, it still applies:
oh hell yes

Yep... another gleeful comment from me too!

It's a wet rainy day outside but your evil sunshine is keeping me warm!


*giggles* Evil sunshine. *happy* I like that.


"Glad you could join us, Sheppard." Her eyes linger on the P-90. "Nice gun."

Not sure if a fic like this should be laugh out loud funny, but that *line*, OMG.

And I think you're spoiling me if I ever *do* see SGA, it can't be this twistedfuckedupgood, right? Mmm, prison fic!

*grins* I'm sure she was thinking only of his P-90. Really.

Prisonfic *rocks*. I had *no idea*. *nods* And the show? It so has its moments.

Through a glass, darkly...

Absolutely incredible.

(Deleted comment)
Am loving this to death.

"Elizabeth and the Athosian, Teyla, are already seated, and as John slums into the chair beside him, Bates on his other side, Rodney begins to wonder exactly what Elizabeth means about what comes next.">

ZOMG!! *bounces*


This is like . . . Oh, I've already gone on and on about how great this is. At all still holds.

Also, the vision of a completely decked out John dragging Rodney bodily around by his vest and then pinning him to the floor with his foot. .sakhfladshdl YOU HAVE MADE ME MY HAPPY PLACE! THANK YOU!

I would really like to leave you a coherent comment on this, but since thats not gonna be possible till Ive had time to clean out my brain and rearange it into something that doesnt make me giddy with joy and sick with disgust simultaneously, Im just gonna say...


I just found this and read the whole thing. Atlantis as an offworld Alcatraz and the heroes as prisoners - brilliant. I love this *so* hard. I really do. Really enjoyable stuff.

YAY! Awesome! And John with his gene! And Atlantis still loving him! (Not that surprising though, I mean, it's not that the Ancients were all that ethical anyway, what with their bioweapons and other mass destruction stuff and their mad scientist genetic experiments...) *incoherent squee!*

Also I thought my homicidal rage/axe-murderer icon was rather appropriate for this occasion, even though obviously I'm not angry at the story, but very gleeful. *g*

I love, love, love this fic. I can't wait to see where it is going. But mostly I'm just basking in the happiness of all those dark, insane boys, being so very evil with not redeeming in sight, ever. *so much fun*

oh yes. You know, this actually makes me dislike canon. Instead of the show as we know it we could have had this.

"Let's see what they have in there," John says, sounding drugged, and Rodney thinks that just maybe, he shouldn't have said armory. Perfect.

And I just have to add that casting Zelenka as the do-gooding humanitarian suck up that he is, was just brilliant.

mmm this is such a treat - three parts so close together! :D This really is a great story.

Came here via the newsletter, and I am so incredibly glad I did. This story has satisfied kinks I didn't even know I had, and I'm in awe of the fact that every one of the characters is so bad, but still so recognisable. I'll probably be checking obsessively from now on, as you've got me totally addicted.

Twisty sickness. And so close to canon too. To be honest I can't tell the difference between your Elizabeth and the one the PTB have been writing lately. Scary, huh?

Hit me again bartender!

This totally just keeps getting better. And the way John lights up the place? And Rodney's so excited/delighted about it? *Perfect*. I am so in love with this story. It's fabulously creepy.

This fic is really, really awesome in both concept and execution. It's a little like the BtVS "Wishverse," only better... the characters are scarily close to canon, minus those pesky "moral compasses." I love seeing how the SGA team's brilliance could work just as easily for evil as it does for good.

Oh, this is *nice*. I have such an evil kink. YAY EVIL.

(and omg crazy rodney writing frantic equations in blood and come. JESUS.)

Did I mention lately how much I love you? Because I really, really do.

This is the most original story I've read in quite awhile, and I'm so glad I decided to read it. I admit I was a bit wary, because, you know, evil criminals, but it's amazing and even a little scarily possible, like there really are versions of them doing this in some little alternate universe somewhere. I keep thinking about Daniel in Absolute Power, and Shep in The Eye, and Rodney in Trinity and how they all have these things in them they keep in check--and how scary they would be if they just gave into every dark impulse.

And now I'm just rambling, but I really really love this. It's going to be stuck in my head for days.

This is one of my favorite lines, but it was hard to pick just one, because there's so many:

Every time, every guard tenses, and Rodney thinks it just might say something, that a room full of the most notorious scientists and criminals in the Milky Way doesn't freak them out half as much as the slightest twist of Sheppard's smile.


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