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Ah, the cubicle, the work space designed for efficiency, space planning, and sucking away your soul. I'm glad you aren't in the file room. I truly don't know how employers expect people to be productive when their spirits are crushed.

And, hey, back when I used to work in a cubicleville of my own, I used to throw things into the next cube, too. :)

*eyes you* did the frog make you comment? no? just me? okay.

*slinks away*

Hee! I am not the frog fiend like you are! I did think of you the other day, though, when I was looking at socks and there was a pair with a band of cute little frogs around the ankle. :)

You only thought of me that ONCE? When you looked at your SOCKS? *sniffles*

*bounces and licks you*

LOL. *thwaps you with a pillow* First off, they weren't MY socks. I don't have socks with frogs on them. They were socks in a store that I saw out of the corner of my eye and then had to go look at because of you. Secondly, I think of you often in non-sock-related moments. Even in non-frog-related moments! So there. :P

*waves hi to Jenn*

Oh, well, that's okay then. *beams at you*

*waves to Jenn and runs away giggling*

I have nothing of actual use to say. Except the ICON made me comment.

... that is all. Go on about your business.

Ah, cubicles, the #1 implement on the list of soul crashing.'s_A_Long,_Hard_Climb
Sesame street lyrics.

Jenn, you absolutely have to write a novel of misadventures some day. Granted, these are deplorable working conditions, but you describe them so elequently, I want to see pictures.

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