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This is brilliantly, hilariously, hysterically funny.

Aww, thanks, sweetie. *hugs*

"I'm just saying--military don't ask don't tell--doesn't that sort of preclude this?"

Caldwell *pats him on the shoulder*. On. The. Shoulder. "Atlantis is an international effort. The laws set up to govern it and the military assigned are more flexible than those governing the United States. Eli---Dr. Weir and I agreed that the city and the people living here shouldn't be restricted by outdated laws and practices."

That sounds creepily like a speech that Elizabeth once made. John stares at Caldwell suspiciously. "She cut you off, didn't she?"

Caldwell pours them both a whiskey and downs his in one gulp, looking depressed. "Yes."

See that? That is where I lost my shit.

I adore this fic. So funny. So, so funny *bg*

Caldwell was in need of *motivation*. I'm sure the ban ended when the wedding was concluded.

Thanks, hon. *hugs* I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Beyond counting are the number of ways in which this has scarred me for life. So you know.

...for example, there's now a lovely set of teethmarks in the side of my hand because it is way too late for me to be laughing that loud.

(Is it somehow wrong that the part that really stuck with me, the thing I'm still wondering about, is where did they get the readhead? Did they import her special?)

Totally imported her from the Athosian mainland or something. They searched for *hours*.


Thanks! I hope the teethmarks scar attractively.

Oh, this just made me howl! I love the bit about "Only. Source. Of. Regular. Sex. So pay attention." Hee!

This has so redeemed this horrible, horrible week. Thank you!

Oh, bad week? I'm so sorry!

But I'm glad you enjoyed! *hugs*

Brilliant, hilarious, crazy, funny, sexy, tender and moving.
And wow! and Guh! And hubbaHubba.
I guess you could say I liked it. If I quoted all the good parts, I'd just be retyping the whole damn thing. So - this one is a 10!

*laughs* Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

Oh, God. Just the *tone* of the entire thing. I'm cracking up imagining the expression on John's face while all this is just *happening*. Lots of favourite lines. Pretty much all of it, really. Hee! And thanks! What a fun little surprise to find on my flist.

John really had no idea what had hit him. I just wonder how long Rodney was *planning* this. Cause whoa. That was some strategy.

Oh this was just brilliant and hilarious and... wonderful and weird.

Great Sheppard voice!

John stares at Caldwell suspiciously. "She cut you off, didn't she?"

Too, too funny! :D

*grins* Poor Caldwell. What men will do for regular sex....


oh god, rodney is so sweet and so FRIGHTENING. and probably not in that order! i love all the things john's never told rodney (my favorite being the accidental engagement), but it'd be interesting to know how many of them rodney already knows anyway. nobody has to tell rodney the sky is blue. i have to read this again now and laugh even MORE.

*g* Probably all of them. Rodney's observnat when it's something he wants.

Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

So funny. And very sweet as well. :D

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

sweetheart, this was just the best. squee! the snapping! and i am completely pleased that despite the amazing sex, john and rodney are not porn stars. *waits for the badsex!fic* *waits some more* hee! great fic!

just so you know, this part terrified me: "There was Bates and Lorne with the camcorder and the promise of the entire thing turned into a music video with copies for everyone." frightening possibilities. *g* i hope you write more fic soon~!

They totally set it to something Celine Dion or Richard Marx, too, just to make John cry into his pillow. THey *did*.

Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!



It's like being offered the Kool-Aid, isn't it? ISN'T IT?

My God. One *weekend*. You're like a weird contact high or something. A *bad one*. With flashbacks and side effects and crying.

It had started, as most brand new gay sex does, with a tent and low temperatures and imminent hypothermia

OMG, .sig!

This was both hysterically funny and really sweet.

*grins* Thank you so much!

This so perfect, hilarious, funny, warm, tender, the best story!!! Thank you so much.

you are brilliant in ways that fascinate and terrify me at the same time. THIS FIC IS SO GOOD, FUCK. I laughed through the entire thing, and 'awwwwwww!!!'ed several times, and sent bits to spags ...

... in retrospect, I am a big dorky tool. damnit. THANKS.

Dude, I have the most ridiculous smile on my face now. That was an absolutely adorable/funny/sweet fic.

This was so funny and all AWWWWW as well. Loved it! Thanks for writing and sharing it :-) .

Thank you! I'm glad you liked!

Yay! Umm... I suck at feedback but.. er... Yay!


Just, I have to stop the involuntary giggles and grinning! *flails* So many adorable details everywhere, and the parts where John isn't stuck in slow-motion mute horror, where it's all, 'he's never', are my absolute favourites.

Thankyou darlign!

And I'm so sorry this is late--but that cover for Somemthing More is *amazing*. I mean, seriously, that is *gorgeous*. I stared and stared for *ever* at it. *hugs* Thankyou thank you thankyou so much. *hugs hard*

OMG. That was so sweet!! But not icky-sweet. Just perfect. And so lovely and funny and yay. I feel all schmoopy now.

*giggles* Thank you so much!

awwwwwww! with the funny and the sweet and the lovely at the end. *smooches you for storymaking*

Thank you chica! *hugs*

That was hilarious. But not just hilarious--you also made me all melty. *happy sigh*

However, you're helping to give me a really warped definition of true love. Just so you know. ;-)

Thank you! *hugs* I'm glad you enjoyed it!

OMG the crack! But this was so much fun and such a great mixture of hysterical, horrific, and sweet. And I can see John walking around with a "WTF?!" expression on his face for the entire duration. At least until the end--yum. :D

So the crack. *head in hands* I used to be more serious, right? I think?

Thank you! *hugs*

Brilliant! You made me all giggly and melty and stuff! *g*

Man, this is SO hilarious, but I am just one big pile of DAAAAAAAAWWWWW right now, and even kind of sniffling a little.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Insane and wonderful and just slightly cracktastic.

Given exactly how possessive Rodney is of John in Sanctuary when they probably aren't even having sex, there is no doubt in my mind he'd be even worse if they were in a relationship. In a twisted way, I can totally believe he'd be the marrying kind. This was astonishingly funny. John will have to work so hard not to pick up any more verbal tics from his husband. The man's contagious!

*grins* Well, if it's only *slightly cracktastic* I feel better. Cause whoa. The only thing this is missing is John getting knocked up and Rodney trying to make him an hnest man. *twitches*

Thanks for the lovely feedback. And yeah, Rodney's *very contagious*. John will one day be horrified to discover that Rodney's mumbling about gate mechanics has suddenly become a turn on. He'll cry. A lot.


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