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At this point, I'm just indulging myself. And it's a *good* excuse, I think.

very very good excuse! I am sooo glad to see this. I printed off & read Arizona today at lunch, and loved it! I could hear all of Rodney's thoughts done in his voice. I really liked the charcterizations. (well, I was disconcerted by Ronon & (apparently) Jack being bad guys, but, then I thought -- Mirror universe...they just took different paths. and shrugged it off :-D).

Anway, back to heaping on the praise :-) -- I also loved the bit about Weir having saved Zelenka & John taking Rodney to their sancuary. Oh, and the smutty bits were wonderful, too :-).

I am glad to see this sequel & have printed it off to read after tucking the kidlet into bed. I'm thinking it's going to be a nice antidote to having "helped" her with her first major report (which she, being my child, did not mention until tonight -- the night before it's due. harrumph.)

Well,, not so much bad as scared? What Rodney will do with the ZPM if the US doensn't get it first.

Thank you so much for the lovely feedback! *hugs* I'm really glad it worked so well for you. I hope you like the new one as well.


GOD. please feel free to indulge yourself WHENEVER YOU'D LIKE.

I must confess, I am totally in love with you. please allow me to shower you with gifts and affection and ... you know, cool stuff, and be mine forever.


Awww. *preens* I like cool stuff and affection! Seriously!

*hugs* Thanks! The comments make me all glowy. *grins*

I have a toothache and had to stay home. There was nothign to do. I was *bored*.

Hmm. Is this feedback? Cause I was *promised things* here, you know.

You know, I'm loving this all out of proportion to how much I should.

*grins* I have to admit, I'm all agog I like this AU so much, too. It's just--too fun.

Thank you! I'm thrilled you're enjoying it too!

Okay, you have NO IDEA how much I needed this right now, but thank you so much.

Smut is good for what ails you. *grins* Thanks!

omg...i loved the story but this was certainly a worthy sequel indulgment :-) very hot and sensuous and...yes!!!!

*nods agreeably* They needed more sex. Definitely.


*flails* Oh wow. Seriously, this is so so awesome. I think I like these three parts even more than Sleep While I Drive. geez. And the sex. *ded*

And it's a *good* excuse, I think

Yes, totally, behind you all the way.

*dies* Thank you!

Smut is excellent for relaxation, I think.

Loved "Arizona" - *ADORED* this! OMG the hot, the hot, the hot. Now I want to hear about Brazil...

*grins* Thank you very much! I had a great deal of fun writing it. They needed more good things.

I'm just picturing the love-sick bartenders and local whores and giggling hysterically. And, you know, whimpering from the hotness, but we won't go there.

It's a very nice little whorehouse. *grins* All filled with people who know John in various intersting ways.


*whimpers* Lawd have mercy, you really do know how to bring on the hotsexy. Yes yes and more yes to this.

Aww, thanks sweetie. I'm glad you liked it!

This is a fabulous AU. I'd love to see more from this--partially because I'm so curious about Weir's organization and partially because your John and Rodney are so very, very hot together. Three cheers.

Thank you! I'm glad you like the AU!

*love* this. The way setting soaks thru the whole fic is amazing. It feels like one of those movies where they change filters when they go from from Chicago to Texas, but, like, much more impressive, 'cause, hello, in writing! yay!

Wow, thank you! *hugs*

I've got this huge grin plastered on my face now. Thank you so much. Very hot!

*grins* Cool. Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it.

Mexico is so the best place ever.


It's becoming my new favorite place too.


Mmmmm - great!

I liked lorne in this.

Oh, and the whole cantina experience? Brilliant! I could so completely see it, the eddies of jealousy that John was just waltzing through without any awareness.


Poor John. He just has no idea at all.

*hugs* Thanks, sweetie. Glad you enjoyed it!


Um. I should probably tell you that I haven't actually read the story yet. I just saw the NC-17 rating and that it had something to do with Arizona.

What? I'm easy.*g*

*incoherent mewling noises*

Very, very hot. I'll be in my bunk.

Awesome. and hot. I love this AU plot, and throw some sweaty sex in with it? woohoo, I say! Indulge yourself as muuuuch as you want. ;)

and I hope this is okay, but I spotted a small, small tiny typo-- cervezos where it should be cervezas. Feel free to ignore my nitpickiness :)

to sum up: YAY!

ARGH. I need a Spanish spellcheck. Will make corrections.


God, please. Indulge yourself as much as possible. Because I so totally agree with Rodney, that Criminal!John is bloody HOT and holy cow, I think my brain's melted out my ears.

*so loves this*

Oh, and also? *tackleglompsqueeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!*

You continued it! I am so in love with you right now. I love your Lorne *snuggles* and can't wait to meet your Weir and Radek.

*does the happy update dance of joy*

Oooh, I'm feeling kind of sick and sweaty myself and also? seriously missing spicy food right now. So this just hit the spot, John and Rodney and sex and sweat and heat, all the things I didn't know I wanted tonight.

And if you want to write *more*, I'm not going to complain. I bet Brazil's even *hotter*.

*laughs* Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

And man, I'd kill for a burrito right now.

God DAMN! That was hotter than all the hot things that ever heated. Hotted. Whatever ::fans self::

*Grins* Cool. Thank you very much!

Loved this! I had loved 'Arizona' and this sequel is great, probably because you have a great Rodney point of view.

I am looking forward to Brazil now...


...I have to do another one?

But. *waves hands* Sex! And and *feelings*. And other stuff.

Er. Thank you also, glad you enjoyed it.

...another one?

This was so hot! The first time sex is the hottest scene ever, I absolutely loved it! Thank you so much for writing and sharing.

This is - very cool. Or rather hot, you know what I mean. I like it. I like the whole idea of McKay on the run. And if you were to write some more of this, I would certainly not pass it up.

Thank you.

There's just something about people on the run that really does it for me.

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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