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Oh. Does it have to end there? I want to see them in Brazil, with Dr. Weir and Zelenka.

Hmm. I don't know yet.

Glad you liked it!

That was fabulous, boo.

Loved the shift to au, the details. Very cool!


Thanks, sweets! *smooches*

lovely fic. :) It was funny and interesting. :)

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

oh wow. Like holy shit wow.

And the paragraph that ends with:

When the door closes, Rodney has to cover his head to make sure John doesn't hear him laugh.

just really, pulls it altogether right there and I totally believe it and so so excellent. You wrote this how fast?

*grins* Awesome.

Okay, for that thing--in my only defense, I get obsessive, everything gets weird and I get paranoid. It's all very--strange.


This reminds me in all the best ways of Elizabeth Lowell's work. Really good stuff!

This was wonderful and inspired. I love the mental picture of Rodney sitting in bed, naked, holding a gun on Ronon and John.

Thank you!

And--guh. Yeah. Mmm. Armed Rodney. Wow.

oh my god, that was so good. I always love John in your fics but christ, your Rodney broke my heart into little pieces. we all know Rodney wants people to recognize his brilliance and amazingness and also treat him like a princess with the BIGGEST TIARA EVER but he really is a good man, as well, under all his pomp and bluster. you nail him every time and woo boy, gotta love it.

also, your porn is always GREAT SMOKING HOT porn. I need to get me some of that, I think.

*nod* He totally is. He just--hides it well.


Wow, a great, plotty adventure fic with porn. *loves* I think what really engaged this for me were the bits of canon that worked in through other means -- Kolya and the ZPM and the very end with Weir and her hidden sanctuary.

Great fun, thank you!

oh my, that was cool. I loved the whole premise, with Rodney on the run, assassin!John, but especially the Atlantis Project. Excellent fic!

Thank you very much! I'm glad it worked! *breathes out* Cause seriously, that was *crack*.

*hums happily* You're just all determined to claw your way back into the super coveted yacht position, now aren't you?

Jack, Jack. *tsks* ...and for some reason, now I'm totally picturing SG-1 hunting out McKay and John out in the wilds of South America: SG-1 vs. SG..A-1: The Street Wars! Or....something.

The wait between the order and the arrival, however--*thirty minutes*--is a damn long time to sit and stare, though. He's beginning to creep himself out.

By the time the pizza arrives, Rodney feels like a very, very pathetic stalker.
No, no, no! You're just...dedicated, honey. That's why you are so special!

...and for some reason, now I'm totally picturing SG-1 hunting out McKay and John out in the wilds of South America: SG-1 vs. SG..A-1: The Street Wars! Or....something.

Dude, that could totally happen! And it would rock!

Daniel would totally switch sides though. And there would be an ultimate science face off between Rodney and Carter. Wooo~! Awesome!

*eyes glaze over as she thinks of plot points*

*Loves this and finds it hot like crematory fires*
You've really captured their virtues here, Rodney's basic goodness, his coldness in a some crisises, John's really very scary hot scary killer self against his normal gentle good-guy sweetness. I'm going to have to read this about a billion more times.

(I don't really love that you killed Ronan, though)

Okay, all I can say is OHMYGODILOVEYOUSOMUCH i've wanted this story since i saw John in the Storm/the Eye being all stealthy and lethal and sexy and Rodney being all scared but brave in his woobieish(sp?) way, and yeah, this is exactly how i've always wanted this fic.
Im going to reread this again to make sure i haven't fallen asleep at my computer and this is all a dream 'cause ive been dreaming about this scenario for weeks:)

*grins hugely* Aww, thank you!

Yes, Assassin!John is hot like a very hot thing, isn't he? It's my serious happy place.


Oh wow, so much fun! Action, adventure, suspense and romance, it's got it all.


*G* Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

I absolutely loved the ending. Great fic. I thoroughly enjoyed it. (And John the not-assassin? Completely hot.)

God, isn't he? *happy place* Thank you so much!

Love this. Plotty and fun and Shep being Rodney's scary killer. The details with the ZPM and the parallels between The Storm/The Eye were just so good. You have my eternal stalker-ish love now. *g*

The Storm/The Eye had a *powerful* effect on me. Oooh yeah. The total happy place.



That was...that was....I can't find the right words for what that was.

But I'll try.

Amazing. Fantastic. Scary. Real. I could see this. I mean I could see this. Clear as day.

Beautiful. That's what it was. And this:

It's just like last time, except for everything.

Says it all.


*blushes* My crackfic worked. How *cool*!

Thank you!

Fabulous, and well worth staying up past bedtime for.

Oh, wow. This is - this is amazing. And I was laughing for most of the first part and feeling grateful that at least my shit night was better than *McKay's* - and then I read the rest of it, and it's this so beyond good that I don't know what to say.

*grins* McKay's day improved tremendously, eventually.

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

WAAAH! Crap, this made me all incoherent, what with all the many many lovely AU bits clicking into the right place. Love how you built the story and all the detail dropping - college student so familiar that Rodney can't quite place a finger on, amongst other things - and all the action and hotness that makes for a very fun ride.


Thanks, sweets! *hugs hard* It was--just way too much cracky fun. Seriously. Thank you!

Oh my god. Full of plot and adrenaline and horror and honor and So Damn Hot. Wonderful.

(taking another run at this because my wee hours HTMLing skilz are even more non-existent that my regular ones)

OMGWTF--You *killed* RONON!!


But on the other hand, this was one fantabulous joyride of a story.

Man, this has been a red letter day for me, new astolat,rageprufrock, and now this crack disguised as an John-as-Rodney's-not-quite-assassin AU. (One could say that you've put the "ass" back in "assassin")(well, one could if one were crass like that) The Rodney POV was T-rific. I want to take this story home and hold it and squeeze it and love it--but not call it "George", for that is my father's name and that would be Just Too Weird. "Arizona" works just fine.

(But did you have to kill *Ronon?! Who will take care of the *puppies*?!)

Aarizooona, kick off your rainbow shoes....

*winces* I know, I *know*. Trust me, if I could have found someone else appropriate? So would have.

Thanks so much for the lovely feedback!

Well, this is fantastic. I love that Rodney's subconcious was reminding him of John and college the whole time and that John was never trying to kill him (though I had a prejudice that made me think that from the beginning anyway). Also, Rodney was right, this is the really, really good porn.

*grins* I think everyone had fun, except the dead people.


Awwww yeah. So very, very good. Thank you!

Thank you for the lovely feedback! I appreciate it!


*takes a big breath*


*collapses from lack of oxygen*

Aww, thanks, sweetie. *hugs*


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